a new J.O.B

This week I'm super excited to start my new role at this wonderful studio: fourzerozerofive fotografie. To get up during the week and head into work with these fabulous people feels amazing!

Here's one of their stunning portrait's taken earlier this year. Head to their website for more of a look at their portfolio.

Read all about it

Now's the perfect time to drop by Hello Sunday! We're holding a competition! Click to head over to the blog specially decicated to this project, leave us a comment and you could be out on a coffee date - our shout, before you know it!

Sunday, the sunny day of the week

I think it's about time I shared a bit of Hello Sunday joy with everyone. This is my current (collaborative) project which began back in March as autumn came knocking at our doors. Each week my lovely chum, Tegan and I hone in on something charming and Sunday-ish to do within our home town, Brisbane. I snap up a polaroid and Tegan dreams up some words and voila... Hello Sunday. It's turning out to be such a delightful year long project!

Left: Miss Riding Hood, Sunday 11th July
I was headed downhill. I was pedaling not fast. The air was chilly. But my hood was big enough to reach over my helmet and my ears were doing fine. All I could see was his stocky figure in the very centre of the path. I dinged my bell. I changed gears. They clicked into place and I slowed down even more. Watch out, I called... read more

Middle: Between the stacks: Sunday 30th May
I am not easily distracted, but what a furtive little look you just gave me! Pursed lips suppressing a smile, eyes meeting mine only to glance quickly away and look at what? You do not return to your novel – something fantastical and epic – but instead stare down the rows of books and perhaps even out the window to where there is the merest suggestion of sunshine... read more

Right: More than just a game: Sunday 23rd May
I am sitting with my legs crossed, for comfort and for luck. I roll the dice, close my eyes as if in meditation, and say, ‘This is it. You are an amazing, shiny boot, destined to go places. A number will appear and you will make a move. Your laces are tied and soldered in place, so you’re not going to trip or stumble, little boot, no. No matter what, you will go forward.’... read more

Creative pick me up

If I'm ever in need of a good dose of creative pick me up I simply head over to youtube and watch Cold Play's, Strawberry Swing music vid. One chalk drawn damsel in distress, an evil squirrel and a real life stripey sock wearing hero later I'm guaranteed to be feeling much more inspired. Kudos to Shynola for their concept, illustration, creativity and execution, it's outstanding to say the least.


My apologies for the amount of time it's taken me to get to my inbox, boy May was a busy month! I'm pleased to (finally) report back that the exhibition went off without a hitch. Here are a few piccies of the prints looking super up on the fresh white walls, all ready to roll. Opening night arrived and the peeps really did roll in, what a fabulous evening! If you'd like to see the full album head over to The 365 Photography Project blog. It was a wonderful week hanging out at Myrtle Street Studio, drinking tea, chatting to visitors and taking more photos! Thank you to everyone that helped bring the exhibition to life and everyone that popped in throughout the week.

"Life is like photography, you use the negative to develop"

- Dr Arno Schmuck (Inoviscoat)

The countdown is on

Well people the 'three.six.five - a year of moments' photography exhibition is coming together! In just over a week the photographs will be up and Myrtle Street Studio will open it's doors to anyone who'd like to pop along for a visit. Beginning on Saturday 22nd May it will run for one week, finishing up on Saturday 29th. The studio's hours are Wednesday - Friday 12pm - 6pm and Saturday 10am - 4pm. Please come one, come all. I'd love to meet you, say hello and give you the opportunity to check out a moment from each day of my 2009. Myrtle Street Studio can be found at 39 Myrtle Street, Grange, Brisbane.